Bus Booking

Now with you can also make bus booking in easy steps. Just select the “From” to “Destination” and there you go. We are contracted with all major Bus Transporters in India which allow our guests to book bus tickets from mostly every part of India to any part of India. All are destinations are mentioned in the booking engine. Bus Booking Responsible for :

1. Generation of a valid bus ticket through its partners/operators.

2. Sending an SMS, Email for ticket confirmation/cancellation.

3. Providing voice/email support for any ticket booking/cancellation/refund issues. Bus Booking not Responsible for:

1. Any incorrect data provided by customer while booking the ticket.

2. Any Bus delays, breakdowns, service cancellations and accidents.

3. Any misbehaviour by the operator staff or co-passenger.

4. Loss/damage of baggage.

5. Late arrival by customer at the boarding point.

6. Customer phone not reachable, operator did not call at the boarding point and left without picking the customer.

7. Customer waiting at wrong boarding point.

8. Any change of seat numbers done by the bus operator manually.

9. Operator changing the boarding point for any reason.

10. Operator arranging a different vehicle for pickup at boarding point and boarding the actual vehicle at a different place.

11. Improper booking done by agent, please contact the agent directly.

12. Operator not providing In-bus amenities/facilities mentioned while booking.

13. Change of bus type by Bus operator for any reason.

14. Bus fares are not controlled by, so any change in fares is not the responsibility of